DC pension money has, to date, generally avoided investment in private markets, and Cadro’s Co-founder and President Jordan Buck believes that consequently, members are missing out on the chance to invest in 99.9% of companies in the world, including many companies at the forefront of tech development and innovative science. Cadro’s mission is to overcome that limitation.

In the last thirty years the whole world has changed; technology, trends and markets have changed with it – and Cadro believes that the way we invest ought to change as well. In those thirty years we’ve seen a huge growth in the number of companies that are transforming the world, but many are still privately funded.

Jordan Buck and Gary Smith

In the film we hear from Kerry Baldwin of IQ Capital, a deep-tech investor who provides an opinion on the opportunities private markets can offer investors: the UK venture sector is the most developed in Europe, and returns from UK venture are often well beyond those from public markets.

While there is a widely held belief that private markets can be riskier, Gary Smith, a Cadro Senior Adviser, believes that to ignore private markets is in itself a risk. Many private companies offer growth potential, diversification opportunities, and enable chances to invest in the future of this world and, pertinently, the future into which DC pension members will be retiring.

Cadro comprises specialists who want to help guide new investors in accessing these transformational business opportunities. They understand what challenges trustees face, which is why they’re seeking to inform, educate and help anyone with an interest in private markets.

They believe that we currently face a generational opportunity, and that now is the time for trustees to act.

This video was produced by Zinc Media in association with the Pensions Management Institute, and features in the PMI's Purposeful Pensions documentary series (Volume 2).

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